Recent events have spurred need for rapid transitions to virtual and remote service delivery. This is a shared need across training providers, job developers, employers, and job seekers. While educators, businesses, students, and workers across the country find new and innovative ways to adapt to this need, the TechHire TA team has compiled resources to assist grantees in identifying key approaches and strategies being utilized by other grantees as well as organizations across the country.

Here you will find summaries from Peer Learning Group (PLG) discussions that explore virtual instruction and job placement strategies as well as approaches to providing remote participants with supportive services.

Transitioning to Online Learning, Remote Participant Support, and Job Placement Promising Practices – PLG Summary

In early spring, TechHire hosted three PLG calls with grantees to help provide support during a time when many grantees were transitioning to remote work and learning environments. The Transitioning to Online Learning PLG summary includes presentations from two grantees on how they transitioned to online learning and advice for other grantees. Similarly, the Remote Participant Support PLG summary outlines the support grantees are offering participants to help navigate remote transitions and program disruptions. Finally, the Job Placement Promising Practices PLG summary highlights employer engagement strategies and recent labor market information shared by subject matter experts, as well as a grantee highlight on their current job placement approaches.

Drive-Through Career Fairs: Accelerating the Job Search – Blog Post

This blog highlights the innovative strategies organizations are adopting to maintain employer interactions with prospective employees. Drive-through job fairs have become a safe and effective way to continue engagement and offer connections, which may be useful for grantees looking to continue offering job opportunities and information to their participants.

Virtual Job Fairs: Connecting Talent with Business – Blog Post

Programs have been conducting virtual job fairs to help participants connect to employers. This blog highlights the importance of virtual job fairs and some logistics grantees should consider when planning a virtual job fair. It also highlights the work of a current TechHire grantee who has been preparing their participants for virtual job fair sessions.

Maximizing the Power of Social Media for Recruitment and Engagement – Resource Brief

This resource outlines social media strategies for targeting and supporting youth and young adults ages 17-29. Through effective social media outreach, TechHire grantees are helping participants stay engaged and work toward completion and transitioning into employment.

TechHire Virtual Job Interview Tip Sheet

As companies transition to virtual job interviews, it’s important that job seekers take the necessary steps to prepare and plan for marketing themselves and their skills through a computer screen. This tip sheet provides a comprehensive list of strategies to help ensure job seekers nail their next virtual job interview!