In the late part of 2018, the TechHire Technical Assistance (TA) team worked with grantees to develop a series of written briefs that highlight some of the success stories, promising practices, and/or resources and tools being developed across the TechHire Community.

These resources enable grantees to learn about the great work taking place in the field among their peer grantees or the workforce data and trends impacting the tech labor market. A new brief will be released every other week beginning in the early part of 2019. All grantees are encouraged to review these resources and share them with their program staff and partner organizations.

Employ Milwaukee Success Story – A Future to Be Proud Of

Improving Program Design - Through Effective Youth Engagement

The Future of Work Technologies And H-1B Occupations

Toward a More Diverse Tech Workforce

Integrating Employer Feedback Into Training

Midlands Student Support