The TechHire technical assistance (TA) team, in coordination with ETA, held eight small group peer learning calls for TechHire grantees. These calls offered an opportunity to share issues, strategies, and best practices on topics related to the TechHire target populations and subpopulations.

The following blogs, resource guides, tip sheets, and tools capture insights from these calls that can assist your grant program in effectively serving specific target populations and subpopulations.

1. Strategies for Servicing Youth and Young Adults 17-24


Facilitator/SME: Matt Poland, JFF

This blog highlights strategies, offers additional context, and provides resources and information for serving young adults ages 17-24.

2. Strategies for Serving Youth and Young Adults TechHire Participants Ages 25-29


Facilitator: Randy Wilson, PhD, JFF

SME: Lucretia Murphy, PhD, JFF

This blog outlines lessons and examples from recent initiatives that blend technical training and support strategies for young adults.

3. Serving Veteran TechHire Participants


Facilitator: Randy Wilson, PhD, JFF

SME: Joe Raymond, ICF

This blog includes numerous resources that can assist programs with integrating veterans, and highlights strategies for the workforce and educational providers who serve them.

4. Serving Individuals with Limited English Proficiency


Facilitator: Christy Montgomery, Maher & Maher

SME: Heide Wrigley, JFF Consultant, TechHire SME

These compiled resources identify best practices and strategies to develop social communication skills, create an open cross-cultural perspective in the classroom, and leverage ambassador groups to support participants with limited English proficiency.

5. Strategies for Serving Individuals with Disabilities


Facilitator: Tom Hooper, JFF

SME: Curtis Richards, IEL

These compiled resources feature best practices for employers that aim to effectively serve participants with disabilities.

6. Innovative Strategies for Serving Justice Involved Individuals


Facilitator: Jessica Kendall, JD, ICF

SME: Derrick Williams, U.S. Department of Labor, Reentry Opportunities Office

This document highlights information on the Federal Bonding Program, including how to use the program as a hiring incentive, how to best support justice-involved individuals to find and sustain livable wage positions, how to approach employers to hire a justice-involved individual, and how to use Clean Slate Clearinghouse to assist participants in expunging their records.

7. Serving Individuals from Underrepresented Groups


Facilitator: Matt Poland, JFF

SME: Terry Grobe, Director, JFF

This blog outlines strategies for effectively serving a range of underrepresented groups in TechHire programs, and discusses outreach and recruitment, program design, and how to select partners.

8. Strategies for Serving Incumbent TechHire Participants


Facilitator: Emily Appel-Newby

SME: Deborah Kobes, JFF

This guide compiles resources related to incumbent worker training, including, best practices, and how to effectively work with employers to best support advancement of incumbent workers.