These resources are the PowerPoint slides and handouts from the plenaries of the 2017 H-1B TechHire Convening.

Day 1 Plenary Sessions

  • Key Milestones in Grants Management, Technical Assistance, and Performance ManagementThis PowerPoint provides a “Year One in Review” summary of grant activities, as well as a recap of key grants management activities. Grantees will also meet ETA’s National and Regional program office team, and the programmatic and performance technical assistance teams supporting the TechHire Partnership grants.
  • The 5 “W’s” of Good Grants Management: This PowerPoint provides more information about good grants management. Good grants management is more than identifying who and what grantees need to know, it’s also knowing the when, where and why (and sometimes how!) grants are managed from the Federal and regional DOL offices. 

Day 2 Plenary Sessions

  • TechHire Evaluation: Overview and Update: This PowerPoint provides more information on the U.S. Department of Labor’s key goals for the evaluation of the TechHire Partnership grant program, including a brief introduction to the evidence-building landscape at the Federal level. 
  • Diversity in Technology Careers: This PowerPoint is from our Featured Keynote speaker, Jesse Martinez who provided examples of how employers are taking steps to increase the talent pool to include people of color, women, and other underrepresented individuals in IT occupations. Jesse is an advisor to several startups, supporting tech entrepreneurs and startup ecosystems and accelerator projects. 
  • Planning for Sustainability: Key Elements and Process: This PowerPoint provides an overview of what sustainability means to programs, projects, and participants and highlight why it’s important to consider early in a grant period. The Handout was used for grantees to engage in an exercise to help them focus their first steps in sustainability planning and share their ideas and experiences with colleagues during the Sustainability Plenary session.