This resource page is the go-to site for all key resources that support the H-1B TechHire grants; targeted populations: youth and young adults (ages 17-29), individuals with disabilities, individuals with limited English proficiency, or individuals with criminal records with barriers to training and employment. Please see the list of technical assistance resources below.

Youth and Young Adults ages 17-29

  • Connecting Youth and Business: Toolkit: This toolkit was created to guide employers, step-by-step on working with opportunity youth.
  • Helping Youth with Learning Disabilities Chart the Course: A Guide for Youth Service Professionals: This InfoBrief describes challenges faced by youth and young adults with learning disabilities as they reach adulthood, while highlighting strategies youth service professionals can implement to help youth to transition successfully into the workplace.
  • Opportunity Youth Employment Toolkit: This toolkit offers resources that youth employment stakeholders can use to guide programming for opportunity youth facing the most significant barriers to employment.

Individuals with Limited English Proficiency (English Learners)

  • Contextualizing Adult Education Instruction Career Pathways: This is a manual for career pathway programs that include students with limited proficiency in English. 
  • From Crisis to Thriving: A Comprehensive Framework for Assessing Personal and Family Development Adapted for Immigrants and Refuges: This document allows programs to assess the socio-economic conditions of the immigrants and refugees who lead complex lives. It can help identify barriers to success in a number of domains, including shelter, health and safety, and social emotional state.
  • The Language of Opportunity: This resource includes models from the field and a discussion of the language and communication skills needed for Employment and Training.  

Individuals with a Criminal Record (Returning Citizens)

  • Addressing Barriers to Employment for Individuals with Criminal Records: This website offers a one-stop source for the latest information on legal, policy, and other common barriers faced by the reentry population, as well as tools and resources to help the field understand how to address these barriers through policy.
  • Reentry Education Toolkit:   This toolkit provides an overview of critical components for reentry education and training programs, including services that begin "behind the walls." 
  • Supporting Second Chances: This resource highlights supports needed to promote the retention and persistence for young people in education and training programs.

Other Populations: Veterans

  • Hiring Veterans: A Step-by-Step Guide for Employers: This toolkit is designed to assist and educate employers who have made the proactive decision to include transitioning Service Members, Veterans and wounded warriors in their recruitment and hiring initiatives.