Tuesday, February 20, 2018 to Thursday, March 08, 2018| 2:00 PM ~ 3:30 PM ET

The TechHire 2018 Sustainability Virtual Institute strives to deepen grantee knowledge of issues pertaining to program sustainability, address pressing challenges, and facilitate peer-to-peer learning.


By the conclusion of this event we would expect grantees to:

  • Deepen community partnerships and leverage resources that sustain program services;
  • Strengthen and sustain employer relationships;
  • Address program design challenges with best practices and solutions through peer consultation;
  • Begin to draft a program sustainability plan.

The Virtual Institute will consist of six (6) one-hour sessions, all held virtually on Workforce GPS. To attend, you must register for each individual session using the links below. Additional details on each session and information on related resources are available on the registration page for each session.

Week One

1. February 20 – Register Now: Opening Plenary: Get Started on Sustaining Your Program’s Success

The opening plenary will review the logistics of this 3-week institute, and will set the stage on the concept of sustainability and your program.

2. February 22 – Register Now: Tools for Effective Partnerships (Partnership 101)

This session is the first in a two-part series of workshops designed to help grantees deepen connections with their partners and foster productive and mutually-beneficial collaboration.

Week Two

3. February 27 – Register Now: Industry Partnerships for Long-term Sustainability

In this session, participants will learn specific strategies to leverage industry partnerships to inform, shape, and complement training programs that can build effective talent pipelines and ensure that long-term program goals are met.

4. March 1 – Register Now: Strategies to Foster Enduring Partnership and Collaboration (Partnership 201)

This session is the second in a two-part virtual workshop designed to help grantees deepen connections with their partners in a way that leads to productive and mutually-beneficial collaboration.Join us to learn specific strategies they’ve used to maintain their partnerships, solidify relationships, and build sustainability.

Week Three

5. March 6 – Register Now: Utilizing Your Data To Maintain Program Success

How are you using TechHire performance data beyond meeting the grant’s performance reporting requirements? This webinar will focus on how to utilize your data to improve program’s design and efficacy and to communicate progress.

6. March 8 – Register Now: Closing Plenary - Putting Sustainability Plans to Action

What does program sustainability look like when it works? Listen to experts and peers in the field discuss—and show—how they have built successful workforce grant programs and transformed them into sustainable endeavors.