By: Todd Cohen and Tom Hooper

Coming Soon:

The TechHire 2018 Sustainability Virtual Institute!


We’re excited to announce the TechHire 2018 Sustainability Virtual Institute, which will begin Tuesday, February 20, 2018 and conclude on Thursday, March 8, 2018. The virtual technical assistance event will feature six sessions, with two sessions held each week. This blog provides you with more details, including Virtual Institute themes and logistical information such as how to participate in this innovative technical assistance event.

What is a Virtual Institute?

A virtual institute aims to provide in-depth technical assistance on several important aspects of your grant program, without the time commitment and cost associated with an in-person event. It is comprised of multiple virtual events (webinars) that are connected by a key objective or theme over a relatively short period of time.

TechHire Virtual Institute Objectives and Theme

The TechHire 2018 Sustainability Virtual Institute is designed to deepen grantee knowledge of issues pertaining to program sustainability, address pressing challenges, and facilitate peer-to-peer learning. The event will include leading practitioners who are leveraging their grants to build a more robust and lasting initiative. It will also provide opportunities to discuss challenges and provide innovative and practical solutions on sustainability-related topics that TechHire grantees face, such as:

  • Deepening community partnerships to build long-term IT, manufacturing, healthcare and financial services talent pipelines
  • Strengthening employer partnerships to move from a grant-based employer meeting to a more focused, engaged, and sustainable industry partnership
  • Using program data to make longer-term decisions about how to best serve TechHire target populations

Grantees will also receive several customizable tools—from a sustainability planning template to a partnership assessment—to facilitate this work within their own TechHire project.

Why Sustainably?

As seasoned grant recipients know, “sustainability” planning is not an add-on task undertaken in the waning months of the grant. Rather, sustainability planning should be central to ongoing grant implementation in order for programs and initiatives to continue past the end of the grant lifecycle. Even though the grant is only in its second year, now is the time to position the TechHire work to sustain long after the grant ends. Through the TechHire Virtual Sustainability Institute, grantees will learn about specific strategies to begin—or deepen—their approach to TechHire sustainability.   

Peer-to-Peer Connections

Similar to an in-person technical assistance opportunity, the TechHire Sustainability Virtual Institute will provide extensive opportunities for you to connect with your fellow grantees. Not only is each session designed to connect you to your TechHire peers through grantee presentations and break out rooms, you will also be able to connect to your peers during the three week event through the customized discussion threads and by utilizing the member directory on the TechHire Community of Practice.

Register Now for EACH Session.

In order to attend the Virtual Institute, you must register for each event. If you haven’t already done so, register for the TechHire 2018 Sustainability Virtual Institute here.

Sustainability is something we need to focus on now. If we can build our programs to last long into the future, we can achieve the grant’s goals of objectives today!