As we approach the mid-point in your grant, we are beginning to hear about many great innovations and outcomes that are emerging from your TechHire projects. We understand the benefit of learning from your TechHire peers and want to provide a new opportunity for grantees to learn from each other. Starting September 17th, 2018, we are looking for grantees who have already done some great things to share their efforts on the TechHire Community of Practice (CoP.)

The TechHire technical assistance (TA) team has launched the TechHire Grantee CoP Engagement Challenge. This challenge is a structured effort to elicit great ideas from the TechHire community that will be disseminated through the CoP. There will be three separate challenge activities between now and December 2018.

In each challenge, we will ask you to utilize the CoP in some way to share a great promising practice or innovation you have developed through your grant. Challenge winners will have the opportunity for TA awards, which may include dissemination of their success across multiple platforms, newsletters, and TA activities. Grantees may also receive an in-depth review of your performance measures by Timmy Dudley, or a site visit from your TA coach.

Community of Practice Grantee Engagement Challenge Timeline:

Challenge 1: Post a Discussion Topic ( September 17 – November 27)

Challenge 2: Submit a Resource (November 30 – January 11)

Challenge 3: Draft a Blog (TBD)